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Open Interest: Open Interest and volume is blood of stock market where all other indicators fail in trading because of their laggingness but OI is very successful because of its leadingness.

Many of doesn’t understand it well because of its meaning change as per instrument use for trading where built up in any future script shows strength either side (Bull or Bear) but in options some time shows shorting or some time shows buying.

The layman always confuse in that how to understand it and he is always in dilemma. Why many almost 95% traders failed in market ?

See every year has 365 days in those days almost 104 are Weekends (Saturday & Sundays) now in remaining 261 days 21 days has some holidays to market now remaining days are 240. In these 240 days market is in trend almost 40 days and in Trading zone or consolidation almost 200 days.

In those trending 40 days traders always win because they know that TREND IS THEIR FRIEND as per their learning or past experiences and lose 200 days because they got Buy call at top market falls and they get sell call at bottom and market bounce because of all lagging indicators which are always failed in trading market and creates many whipsaws and put traders in losses. See the ratio of winning trading days to loosing trading days is 1:6. Here, if we win for 1 day we lose 6 days so more than 95% traders failed and make losses into market.

We are Unique

We are coming with new concept that OI Analysis theory where we able to solve our dilemma.

What we need ? Right time Entry and Right time Exit. Nothing else.
Entry : If you enter in buy trade and market starts falling or you trade in short market goes in Buy. Then yes, you have problem with entry.
Exit : if you close your trade with small profit and then market rallied or you wait for rally but it will give small profit and you didn’t took it and market goes opposite of your trade. Then yes, you have problem with exit.
The OI systems help you in falling

How to take right entry?
How to take right exit?
How to decide right SL?
How much time required to achieve the target?
How to decide Trading range?

Services Offered


Portfolio Management Services to clients having funds above 5 lack.

Profit Sharing

Dont pay initially anything, pay 30% of your profit wherever your account is.

Jackpot Calls

Money back guarantee on fees paid if you didn't get profit min 5 times of it.

OI System Training

Perfect combination of very powerful OI tools educator and developer for you.

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